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The Actors
The official opening of the Lebanese National Library (LNL) will lead to the recruitment of staff in accordance with the official organizational chart.
Since the launching of the Revival Project in 2007, activities – (restoration of old documents, cataloguing, establishment of an acquisition policy, construction of the new Library building…) – are ensured by:

A follow-up committee of the LNL Revival Project, in charge of supervising the work progression; it is composed of:
  • The Minister of Culture (president)
  • The General Director of Culture (vice-president)
  • Georges Sayegh (member)
  • Aida Naaman (member)
  • Maud Stephan (member)
  • Nabil Itani (member)
  • Georges Arbid (member)
  • Gérard Khajerian (coordinator)

The Minister of Culture: He is the tutor of the National Library as an autonomous public institution attached to the Ministry of Culture.

A team working at the Library's workshops located at the Free Zone of the Port of Beirut:
  • Supervision and administration: Gérard Khajerian
  • Scientific advisor: Maud Stephan
  • Supervision of cataloguing: Ahmad Taleb, Hala Bizri
  • Book cataloguing: 7 librarians et 1 assistant-librarian: Sarah Abdel Malak, Ghada Dimashk, Sandra El-Khoury, Katia Ibrahim, Rita Sfeir, Fatima Shaheen, Fatima Bazzal, Nelly Maamary
  • Cataloguing of periodicals: Elsa Zakhia, Patricia Badawi; 2 librarians and 2 assistants: Salwa Mneimneh, Hala Hachem, Raffi Idriss, Rabih Obeid
  • Acquisition: under the direction of Linda Sadaka ; 3 librarians : Michèle Abi-Raad, Carole Joukhadar, Abir Bou Diab
  • Conservation and preservation
  • Dusting and cleaning of old documents : Jamal el Battal, Jaafar Malak
  • Restoration: 4 restorers and bookbinders : Hampik Kabanjian, , Jeanette Skayem, Aram Nordiguian, Ghada Hachem
  • Communication and secretariat: Gelnare Atoui
  • Coordination and editing of website: Muriel Albina
  • Computer: Toufic Boustany

The Lebanese National Library Foundation: organizes fund-raising events for financing projects related to the revival of the LNL and its future opening to the public.

Other team members who worked on the project:
  • Juliana Younan (2011)
  • Carmen Ziadeh (2012)
  • Maha Alwan (2012)
  • Jocelyne Salem (2014)
  • Nizar Fawwaz (2014)