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Mission Statement of the Lebanese National Library
  • To conserve the published national intellectual production, regardless of type and format; to conserve books and documents relating to this production, especially those concerning Lebanon and Lebanese in general, which are published or conserved abroad; to preserve those collections and strive to develop them;
  • To meet the public cultural and scientific needs by acquiring publications which are consistent with the cultural diversity of the Lebanese public and its openness to other world cultures;
  • To promote the national intellectual production through different means, and especially by the publication of the national bibliography;
  • To make available all of its collections to the interested public, and to students and researchers; to promote the collections and invite the public to benefit from them through the various available means;
  • To be a center of excellence and leadership for research on books, libraries and information, as well as for the development of professions relating to these areas; to develop the skills of technical personnel working within the institution;
  • To contribute to the development of public libraries, to develop their collections, to improve and optimize the quality of their services, in the framework of the public policy adopted by the Ministry of Culture in this area.