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Restoration of old documents
The restoration of old documents of the former National Library started in 2003 with the Rehabilitation Project.

A team of 6 members, who undergo in-service training, are currently working at the restoration workshops of the National Library where different types of documents are being restored (books, posters, manuscripts etc.) The selection criteria for restoration are: value, age, and the heritage asset of Lebanese production.

The workshops have been equipped thanks to various donations (from the Lebanese National Library Foundation and the Center of Book Preservation in Arles – France). The materials used are natural and neutral.
Light table
Sewing Frame
Drying Rack
Leather Paring Machine
Some examples of work carried out in the workshops
Detaching an endpaper
under a humidifier
Sewing a headband
Hand sewing
Washing and applying
tylose for the revival
of papers
Restoring a paper
on the light table
Restoring an endpaper
Paring a leather binding
Washing a manuscript
Restoring a corner
Different stages of the restoration of an old Syriac book dating from 1740
Endpage and first page
of the book
Cleaning before restoration
Damaged corners and
Disassembled damaged
pages for repair
Leather cleaning
Repairing the cover
with Japanese paper
Washing disassembled paper
Restoring paper on
a light table
Stabbing Japanese paper
to fill the gaps
Filling the gaps
Paper restoration (followed)
Restoring book pages
Disassembled pages after
paper restoration
Damaged cord
Hand sewing of disassembled
pages with a new thread
attached to the old one
Damaged pulled endpage
Endpage restored
Painting the binding
to cover the Japanese
Finished painting
Finished waxing